Heggel Newsletter March 2021

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Entering The Global Market With a New Name


Corrosion Protection Coatings

Repairing Systems

FRP Linings

Anti-Acid Tiles & Mortars

Floor Coating Systems


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HEGGEL® is the new brand name of the leading German manufacturer of industrial protective coating and lining systems, offering the same comprehensive range of superior corrosion-resistant materials that ensure equipment and structures have the longest possible lifespan. The rebranding effort was to mirror the global growth of HEGGEL GmbH and avoid trademark disputes. The new identity is designed to satisfy all the existing expectations of what we originally stood for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the international demands and the specialization of the entire product range towards High-tech Polymer solutions. To streamline HEGGEL comprehensive portfolio, the products are now categorized as :

Corrosion ProtectionCoatings

Repairing Systems

Anti-acid Tiles & Mortars

FRP Linings

Floor Coating Systems


Corrosion Protection Coatings


High-Tech Coatings for Extreme Demands

Traditional lining systems with their troublesome implementation, maintenance and repair process have been failing to offer a long-term solution for aggressive process conditions; leading us to design single-layer, cold cure, High-Tech coatings coined as HEGGEL Corr. This new generation of High-Tech corrosion resistant coatings, is intended for extreme requirements where concentrated or diluted acids and alkalis at high operating temperatures are present.Alongside the exceptional durability, HEGGEL Corr features outstanding physical properties such as phenomenal adhesion strength, abrasion and impact resistance. Because of this, industries with critical service conditions have a vested interest in HEGGEL Corr which as a cold-curing single-coat system combines ease of application, long-term durability and convenience of repair and maintenance.

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High-Performance Corrosion Protection Coatings

For conventional multi-layer coatings, used in pipelines, marine and offshore applications, customers have paid a high price with their budget as well as time; in addition to bearing the risk of coating defects or failure due to the presence of solvents. HEGGEL Coat in contrast is a solvent-free single-layer system featured by durability, impermeability and extraordinary physical properties such as an adhesion strength 5 times higher than that of epoxy primers. Extensive tests by independent institutes prove HEGGEL Coat to exceed the safety and technical standards for drinking water as well as offshore, marine and other corrosive environments.



Glass Flake Systems to Minimize Penetration

Highly permeable fluids pose a great risk for conventional coatings that are easily penetrated. Whereas our glass flake reinforced coating, HEGGEL Flake, due to its exceptional diffusion barrier properties, offers maximized impermeability in such aggressive environments. Where corrosion is caused by vapor penetration, HEGGEL Flake will greatly withstand through slowing down process by incorporating glass flakes in a high- tech polymer matrix.

2023 08 11 184850


Repairing Systems


Rapid Repair and Time Saver Repairing Mortars

Industries always prioritize minimizing the downtime of equipment, which need to be inspected and repaired during the short time-frame of overhauls in order to sustain the manufacturing productivity. HEGGEL Fix Rapid Repair putties are used for the repair and maintenance of various types of metals, alloys and linings, extending the life cycle of the machineries, process equipment and steel structures, while reducing the downtime. Featured by extraordinary chemical properties, this product range significantly reduces cost whilst saving time and allowing for easy application.


The Metal-Build HEGGEL Fix products can also be used in the surface preparation stage, prior to the application of any coating systems, in order to fill the pittings, holes and defected areas, and consequently maximize the performance and life cycle of the coating system.


FRP Linings


High Strength Glass Fiber Reinforced Linings

Our glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin linings have been extensively used in many corrosive environments, offering high temperature capabilities and outstanding mechanical properties with excellent chemical resistance. The variety of high-performance resin bases of HEGGEL FRP products, including Vinyl ester, Furan, Phenol and Epoxy allows it to be considered the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.


Anti-Acid Tiles & Mortars

HEGGEL®Mortar & Tile

Acid & Alkali Resistant Mortars for Bedding and Jointing of Tiles and Bricks

Acid proof tile/brick lining systems have been in extensive use for decades in various industries. The considerable diversity of the superior acid and alkali resistant HEGGEL Mortar portfolio derived from improved formulations and multiple resin bases such as Furan, Phenol, Silicate Potassium, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy and Silicate Sodium, offers a great range of chemical and thermal resistance as well as outstanding mechanical strength for optimum performance in exposure to a wide variety of process conditions.


Floor Coating Systems


Long-last Reliable Epoxy-based Floorings

HEGGEL Pox Epoxy-based systems are featured by their solvent-free compositions, high compressive strength and excellent durability for heavy-loads and impacts caused by machineries, equipment, etc.


High-performance Polyurethane-based Floorings

HEGGEL Flex Polyurethane-based systems provide excellent corrosion resistance against chemical substances along with high impact resistance resulting from their flexibility. HEGGEL Flex also demonstrates outstanding thermal stability for refrigerated warehouses and hot chambers.


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