HEGGEL Flake stands for low-diffusion, chemically and thermally resistant synthetic resin coatings, which are enriched with glass flakes (wafer-thin, micro-fine, transparent glass flakes). Glass flakes are lamellar barrier pigments that line up parallel to the substrate. In this way, an excellent barrier effect is created which makes the penetration of moisture, gas and chemicals considerably more difficult and thus ensures a long lifetime of the coating. HEGGEL Flake coating systems are mainly used in chimneys, gas preheaters, heat exchangers or gas ducts in flue gas desulphurisation plants.

In addition, HEGGEL Flake offers high dry temperature resistance, outstanding adhesion to steel and high abrasion resistance.

HEGGEL Flake products are self-priming single or multi-layer systems, with extreme adhesion to concrete and steel.

HEGGEL Flake systems are applied by airless-spraying, brushing or rolling.

HEGGEL®️  Flake 710

2-C- C-glass flake filled polymer coating

HEGGEL Flake 710 is a two-component; vapour diffusion resistant, inert flake filled polymer coating based on a chemical and thermal resistant Novolac vinyl ester resin. HEGGEL Flake 710 is the ideal corrosion protection if high chemical resistance is required at high medium temperatures. The parallel to the substrate oriented inert flakes provide an excellent diffusion barrier and thus ensure a long service life.


  • High dry temperature stability up to +180°C
  • Excellent permeation resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance to inorganic and organic acids, alkalines and organic solvents
  • Outstanding adhesion to steel
  • Application by spraying, brushing or rolling
  • Can be exposed to process conditions shortly after application

HEGGEL®️  Flake 720

Solid Heavy Duty Glass Flake

HEGGEL Flake 720 provides a smooth and glossy finish that is impervious to aqueous environments at ambient temperature. The coating can be applied onto damp/wet steel and concrete surfaces. Primary protection is against seawater service with added benefit of resistance to turbulent flow, cavitation and particulate impact and abrasion.


  • 100% solids heavy duty anticorrosion coating based on advanced glass flake technology
  • Excellent resistance to seawater and other mildly corrosive acid/alkaline environments
  • Self-priming single or multiple coat system bonding tenaciously to wet steel and concrete
  • Excellent anti-fouling properties
  • Excellent resistance to cavitation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Improves pump efficiency

HEGGEL®️  Flake 730

Anti-Corrosion Glass Flake Epoxy Coating

HEGGEL Flake 730 is a high solids 2-component epoxy containing micronised glass flake and anti-corrosive pigments.

Corrosion protection of blast cleaned steel and cathodically protected steel. Possess excellent abrasion resistance and has excellent resistance to immersion in sea water and a range of chemicals also compatible with cathodic protection. Aluminium HEGGEL Flake 730 mastic version available for high build brushing maintenance specifications.

HEGGEL®️  Flake 770

Epoxy Novolac Vinylester Flake Coating

HEGGEL Flake 770 is a specialized spray coating based on Epoxy Novolac Vinylester containing unique glass flake barrier fillers. The spray application aligns the barrier fillers parallel to the substrate, ensuring exceptional resistance to water vapor diffusion and permeation.

HEGGEL Flake 770 is formulated as a spray-applied glass flake coating intended for ducts, tanks, and stacks within flue gas desulphurisation plants, along with other components of industrial facilities.