HEGGEL® Tile & Bricks

HEGGEL Tile and HEGGEL Brick products are acid resistant ceramic tiles and bricks that in combination with HEGGEL Mortars are considered the best solution for protecting floors and other exposed surfaces against aggressive chemicals.

HEGGEL Tile and HEGGEL Brick are made from high quality inorganic compounds to achieve the highest mechanical and chemical properties, resulting in superior resistance in very harsh environments. The details of dimensions, features and applicable international standards are given within the HEGGEL Tile and HEGGEL Brick technical data sheets.

HEGGEL®️  Tile

Acid-Resistant Ceramic Tiles

Tile for stressed indoor/outdoor flooring areas with slip-danger in industrial segments, swimming-pools and bathrooms.

HEGGEL®️  Brick

Acid-Resistant Ceramic Bricks