You Build, We Protect!

HEGGEL® GmbH offers a complete range of anti-corrosion products for optimum protection of industrial equipment including products for enhanced protection at elevated temperature, abrasive condition and under mechanical corrosive effects. In this regards, our engineering design approach has been focused on reliable protection as well as eliminating hazardous organic chemicals and long installation time. Damages resulted by corrosive compounds can lead to structural failure or even public safety risks.

If protection of floors is a problem, HEGGEL GmbH is capable of proposing flooring systems that meet requirements of any residential, commercial or industrial environments. Innovative anti-corrosion linings and coatings protect concrete and steel surfaces against the damaging effects of  chemicals and mechanical attack. Resistance in tough industrial conditions and elevated temperatures and excellent bond strength have been of the most highlighted specifications of HEGGEL GmbH flooring systems.

High performance, innovative coatings that offer broad range chemical resistance against aggressive environments and highly corrosive conditions from ambient to elevated temperatures.

Premium quality tile lining systems are designed to withstand the extreme demands of industrial applications, whether from the most corrosive chemicals or from high mechanical loads.

Glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin coatings with a wide variety of resin bases are extensively used for many types of corrosive environments, demonstrating high temperature capabilities and mechanical properties along with excellent chemical resistance.

High compressive strength and excellent corrosion resistance against chemical substances along with the high impact resistance of floor coatings brings long-term durability for concrete and steel substrates.

Pasty mortars find application in repairing and rebuilding machinery and equipment, hard/soft rubber lined, glass lined and coated equipment damaged by wear and erosion, providing extraordinary chemical and thermal resistance against aggressive conditions.

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Our business operates as a GmbH according to German Standards focusing on high quality products and continuously innovative ideas. We succeeded to become one of the most outstanding global producers of anti-corrosion coatings, floor coatings and composites.