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Q1: How can we obtain a proposal from HEGGEL?

A1: Once our technical department has evaluated your process conditions, we will provide technical proposals and price offers. Please reach out to us to receive our technical questionnaire.

Q2: How can we subscribe to the monthly newsletter?

A2: Please subscribe using this link.

Q3: Where are HEGGEL products manufactured and Does HEGGEL collaborate with globally recognized organizations?

A3: All HEGGEL products are proudly Made in Germany, and, Yes, HEGGEL is a member of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC), a globally recognized consortium of organizations interested in corrosion science and engineering.

Q4: Does HEGGEL have a presence in the Middle East?

A4: Yes, HEGGEL is active in the Middle East. For information about our global representatives, please contact us.

Q5: What industries do HEGGEL products primarily serve?

A5: While HEGGEL products are used across various industries, we primarily serve the oil and gas, mining, power plants, water/wastewater treatment, chemical processing, and cement industries.

Q6: What distinguishes HEGGEL's products from competitors?

A6: HEGGEL's products stand out due to their superior quality, high resistance to corrosion, versatility across industries, and the comprehensive technical support we offer. Furthermore, all our products are Made in Germany, known globally for engineering excellence.

Q7:How does HEGGEL ensure the quality of its products?

A7: Quality is our top priority at HEGGEL. Our products undergo rigorous quality control and testing processes to ensure they meet our exacting standards and provide reliable performance in demanding conditions.

Q8: How is HEGGEL contributing to advancements in corrosion protection technology?

A8: HEGGEL is at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing new products and solutions to enhance corrosion protection technology and meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Q9: How do HEGGEL products address various industrial corrosion challenges?

A9: HEGGEL offers solutions for a multitude of industrial corrosion challenges using a broad spectrum of products and services. We thoroughly review the process conditions of each project and provide solutions based on the appropriate products, ensuring dependable and effective technical proposals.

Q10: Are HEGGEL products exclusively for the oil and gas industry?

A10: No, HEGGEL's corrosion protection extends to other high-demand industries including mining, power plants, water/wastewater treatment, chemical processing, cement, and more.

Q1: Does HEGGEL offer protective linings?

A1: Yes, our HEGGEL FRP and HEGGEL Tiles & Mortars serve as protective linings.

Q2: Where can we find coating products in HEGGEL's offerings?

A2: Our High-Tech protective coatings are found under HEGGEL Corr, HEGGEL Coat, and HEGGEL Flake categories.

Q3: How can we access detailed information about your products, like shelf life, mixing ratio, pot life, and application instructions?

A3: All the relevant technical and application data are included in our product data sheets, available on our website.

Q4: Does HEGGEL offer sprayable, chemically resistant coatings?

A4: Yes, our HEGGEL Corr line offers high resistance to chemically corrosive substances such as concentrated acids, alkalis, potent solvents, sour gas, amines, H2S, CO2, hydrocarbon combinations, and all chloride and sulfate-rich chemical solutions.

Q5: Does HEGGEL provide solutions for repairing linings and coatings?

A5: Our HEGGEL Fix line contains products suitable for repair purposes, including repairs of metal equipment, coatings, rubber linings, glass linings, FRP lining, and more. For product code specification, please consult our technical team at

Q6: Does HEGGEL offer flooring protection products?

A6: Yes, our various reinforced systems like Laminates, Tile/Brick linings, polyurethane, and epoxy floorings offer flooring protection.

Q7: Does HEGGEL offer Anti-Static products?

A7: Yes, we offer anti-static coatings and flooring solutions.

Q8: Does HEGGEL Fix exhibit anticorrosive properties?

A8: Yes, HEGGEL Fix has both repair and anti-corrosion functionalities.

Q9: Are HEGGEL products considered dangerous goods?

A9: Some HEGGEL products may be classified as dangerous goods, but not all. For specifics, please reach out to us directly.

Q10: Can HEGGEL products be used in extreme temperature environments?

A10: Yes, HEGGEL products are engineered to withstand a range of temperatures, making them suitable for extreme temperature environments. For specific temperature ratings, please refer to the individual product data sheets or contact us directly.

Q11: Can HEGGEL products withstand harsh chemical environments?

A11: Our products are specifically designed to resist a variety of harsh chemicals, ensuring the integrity and longevity of your equipment and surfaces.

Q12: How do HEGGEL's products contribute to cost savings in industrial processes?

A12: HEGGEL's products, by providing superior corrosion protection and durability, reduce the need for frequent replacements and downtime, thereby contributing to significant cost savings in the long run.

Q13: What is the expected lifespan of HEGGEL coatings and linings?

A13: The lifespan of our coatings and linings varies depending on the application, the environment, and the specific product used. However, they are engineered for long-lasting durability in challenging industrial conditions.

Q14: How can we determine the product that suits our requirements/service conditions?

A14: Each product is accompanied by a chemical resistance chart specifying tested resistances. Our technical team will guide you in selecting the most suitable product based on your service conditions.

Q1: Do HEGGEL products require special equipment for application?

A1: Application requirements vary by product. Our product data sheets detail the necessary equipment and methods for each product's application.

Q2: Can we get supervision for the installation process of projects?

A2: Yes, we offer both online and in-person supervision as part of our technical support services.

Q3: Does HEGGEL support the installation of its products?

A3: Yes, upon request, HEGGEL can handle the installation process of our products.

Q4: Does HEGGEL provide training for the application of its products?

A4: Yes, HEGGEL provides comprehensive training on the proper handling and application of our products to ensure their optimum performance and longevity.

Q1: Can we get HEGGEL products technically tested for assurance of material suitability?

A1: We encourage testing HEGGEL materials for specific projects to demonstrate our products' technical capabilities to our customers.

Q2: Does HEGGEL accommodate site visits to project locations?

A2: Yes, based on an assessment of the project’s service conditions, HEGGEL's experts can arrange site visits if necessary.

Q3: Can we arrange technical meetings to get more information about your products?

A3: Yes, HEGGEL’s technical experts are available for meetings and presentations to help you better understand the exceptional features and benefits of our products and services.

Q4: How can we acquire product Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

A4: We send Material Safety Data Sheets to customers upon request. Please email us at to request them.

Q5: Does HEGGEL offer consultancy services regarding corrosion protection?

A5: Yes, HEGGEL offers complimentary consultancy services for corrosion protection solutions.

Q6: Does HEGGEL offer custom solutions for unique industrial needs?

A6: Yes, we work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop custom solutions where necessary. Our technical team is skilled at designing and formulating products to address specific challenges.

Q7: Can HEGGEL assist in choosing the right product for my specific needs?

A7: Absolutely, our technical team is available to discuss your specific requirements and assist you in selecting the most suitable HEGGEL product.

Q1: What is the delivery timeframe for HEGGEL products?

A1: The delivery timeframe for HEGGEL products varies based on product type, order volume, and shipping destination. We determine delivery times on a case-by-case basis.

We value your feedback and are here to assist you. If you have any questions, requests, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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